Before ordering the goods you can check their properties and quality personally in our showroom. Ideally, you should set up a meeting with one of the sales advisors and to check the availability of the sample that you need. We will be happy to lend you samples for a pre-agreed time. You can also order samples (not for free) - for example, from each product offered, including custom-made products. The delivery time is then only slightly longer. The price of the sample can then be deducted from the total price of the your futere order.

Order from e-shop

Sample goods without printing you can order yourself in the e-shop. Put one piece of the selected product into the cart, write in the note that it is a sample order and finish the order. The order will also may include a handling fee for below-the-limit quantities.

Order by e-mail

You can order custom-made and printed samples by e-mail at or by contacting your sales representative. Be sure to include any print materials available to you.

By filling in the form

Fill out and submit the inquiry form from the homepage (you must specify the item number or the name of the product) or you can also submit the inquiry form that you may find at every product.