Notepads & Sticky Notes

Notebook Prent

Notebook Prent - White
Paper covered notebook with 70 blank sheets and recycled paper ballpoint pen (blue refill). Including adhesive notepads in 2 sizes (25 large and 5x25 small).

Adhesive Notepad Hensa

Adhesive Notepad Hensa - Black
Adhesive notepad with paper cover and ruler. With 2x25 large and 5x25 small adhesive notes.

Notebook Makron - Natural

Notebook Makron - Natural
Recycled paper spiral notebook with 70 lined sheets, ballpoint pen (with blue refill) and adhesive notes (125 small and 25 big).

Adhesive Notepad Exclam

Adhesive Notepad Exclam - White
Adhesive notepad with 25 large and 100 small notes (in 4 different colours). With die-cut exclamation mark on the cover.

Adhesive Notepad Dosan

Adhesive Notepad Dosan - White
Recycled paper covered adhesive notepad. Contains 3 sizes of adhesive notes: 100 pcs of 7 x 9 cm, 25 pcs of 5 x 7,6 cm, 125 pcs of 1,2 x 4,9 cm.

Adhesive Notepad Ronux

Adhesive Notepad Ronux - White
Triangle shaped, recycled cardboard notepad with adhesive notes in 2 sizes. Including 20 pcs hexagonal and 60 pcs triangular notes.
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