Pencil Togi

Pencil Togi - White / Natural
Natural wood, lead pencil with coloured eraser, unsharpened.

Pencil Melart

Pencil Melart - Orange
Wooden lead pencil with matching colour eraser, sharpened.

Pencil Pampa

Pencil Pampa - White
Recycled paper lead pencil with eraser, unsharpened.

Stationery Set Gabon

Stationery Set Gabon - Red / Natural
5 pc stationery set in cardboard box. Including: recycled paper ballpoint pen (with blue refill), lead pencil, ruler, sharpener and eraser.

Pencil Godiva

Pencil Godiva - White
Wooden lead pencil with eraser, sharpened. HB grade.

Stationary set in cotton pouch Ecoset

Stationary set in cotton pouch Ecoset
6 pieces stationery set. Include jute and cotton pouch, bamboo ruler, wooden sharpener, eraser, paper pencil, ball pen with cardboard barrel and blue ink.
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